Ubiquiti Unifi with SmartSwitch


The following guide takes you through the steps to configure your Ubiquiti Access Points and controller to work with the Captini Cloud platform using a Captini SmartSwitch.

UniFi Controller Login

Access your UniFi controller administration portal and enter your access credentials the page should look something similar to the screenshot below.

Select the site

Once logged-in to your UniFi controller click on the Current Site drop-down list which is situated at the top right of the screen. On clicking the menu option a list of your sites will be displayed as shown below. 

UnFi Access Point List

On selecting the site the screen should refresh and a list of your access points should appear as shown below:

At the bottom left of the screen as shown above click on the settings icon this will open the configuration window for the venue, select the Wireless Networks option from the menu on the left as shown below:

If you have SSID's already set up they will be listed on this screen. In our example above we have three SSID's. 

1) The open SSID is for Guest WiFi access

2) The second is a secure Staff only network 

3) The third is a secure SSID for PDQ credit card machines. 

To use the Captini service you must have an Open SSID. 

Creating an SSID

To add an SSID click the Create New Wireless Network button as shown in the screenshot above. On this screen click the Create button the following screen will be shown. 


Please make sure the Guest Policy box is not checked.

Give your SSID a name and then click the Advanced Options button the screen will expand with the following options.  

As shown below tick the VLAN checkbox and enter VLAN ID as number 2 for Public WiFi and VLAN ID as number 3 for private (staff).

To complete the setup process click on the Save button. 

To Captinify your network makes sure the Unifi access points are connected directly to the Captini SmartSwitch. Alternatively, if you are using more than 4 AP's connect the Captini SmartSwitch to your LAN switch and ensure the Port 1 of the SmartSwitch is connected to the Internet Router/Gateway. For the latter, you will need to contact Captini on  support@captini.com for us to change your switch for 'overlay' use.